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St Paul's Catholic
Primary School

St Barnabas

Spring Term 

Topic: Rainforests

English: Non-chronological Reports, Story writing, Poetry.

SPAG: Articles and determiners, pronouns, past and present tense, verb agreement, apostrophes of contraction and possession, adverbial phrases, inverted commas, adverbs, Homophones.

Geography: The World’s Rainforests and their contribution to our planet’s ecosystem; with particular focus on The Amazon – its wildlife, fauna, indigenous people and the threats to its survival.

Art/D&T: Experimenting with watercolours, model making, mixed media.

RE: Christmas, Revelation, Lent, Holy Week.

Science: Forces and Magnets

French: Simple conversation, colours, parts of the town, numbers up to thirty.

Music: Charanga program through Berkshire Maestros – Reggae and Rhythm with Three Little Birds by Bob Marley as a performance piece.

PE: Gymnastics and Dance.

Summer 1 MTP Maths

Week Commencing Topics
16th April

Money and measures
Calculation problems
Subtracting money
Scaling/ratio problems

23rd April

Decimal place value/number line work
Adding decimals with 1dp
Rounding decimals and numbers to 100
Dividing numbers by 10/100
Roman numerals

30th April

Equivalent decimals/fractions
Equivalent fractions/fraction families
Adding/subtracting fractions (including mixed numbers)
Ordering fractions

7th May

Using the inverse
Calculating with measures
Measuring with protractors

14th May


21st May Recap of topics