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St Paul's Catholic
Primary School

E Safety

E Safety advice for parents   

We have become aware that children have seen, and been distressed by,The Momo Challenge. This ‘challenge’ targets children on social media. It has been circulating on the internet for a while now, but seems to have become more prevalent recently. It involves a frightening character who challenges children to carry out dangerous acts and it makes threats towards them and their families should they not do so.

We have been advised that images and videos of the character ‘Momo’ are easily available on sites such as YouTube and WhatsApp and that it may even appear on Youtube Kids or during children’s programmes such as Peppa Pig online.

The Momo Challenge is most unpleasant and potentially very dangerous; even the picture of Momo’s face is enough to upset young children. We would like you to be aware that sites your child may previously have accessed without incident may now contain a higher level of threat and may need blocking. We would also encourage you to continue to be extremely vigilant about your children’s online viewing and to remind you to check age limits for websites that children use.

Online Safety information