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St Paul's Catholic
Primary School


St Paul's Stars Breakfast and After School Club


St Paul’s Stars Breakfast & After School Club is open from 7.30am – 8.50am in the morning and  3.20pm – 6.00pm in the evening on weekdays during term time. Pupils arriving for Breakfast Club must arrive by 8.10am. For ASC, children are collected from their classrooms by ASC staff.

The Club is registered with Ofsted (Registration No 110674) and you can download our last inspection report here

We are based primarily in the Community Room at the School but do make use of the School’s outdoor play areas in the morning and afternoon – although during winter months this is restricted to lit areas only. We also make use of the hall and library.

At St Paul’s Stars Breakfast & After School Club we aim to provide a safe and secure and relaxed environment, offering a range of activities to reflect the interests of the children in our care.

What we offer
At Breakfast Club we offer children breakfast and some activity before school begins. At the After School Club, children are free to choose activities and resources as they wish from the varied selections available. There are always a range of activities available, which on any evening may include arts and crafts, board games, construction, computer games, physical play, cookery, and reading.

What we provide
At Breakfast Club, children are offered a simple breakfast with a choice from toast with jam, honey or marmite; pancakes; cereal – Weetabix, Rice Krispies, Cheerios; fruit; yoghurt; milk or water.

The food we provide at After School Club is not intended as a substitute for a main evening meal, particularly for older children. We provide healthy snacks, including fresh fruit and vegetables. We promote independence, by encouraging the children to prepare for a meal and to clear away after themselves. We use fresh ingredients and fresh drinking water is available at all times. We meet individual dietary requirements and parental preferences wherever possible.

The menu for ASC varies daily, but includes meals such as soup and bread, chicken goujons and salad, cheese or tuna wraps, fish fingers with potatoes and vegetables, meatballs and pasta, with desserts available such as malt loaf, mousse, yoghurt and fruit. We pay particular attention to allergens in food and the Playleader is happy to discuss food allergies and intolerances with children and parents on request.

Breakfast and After School Club Newsletter
We send out a newsletter periodically to parents to inform them of changes and news. We do this in hard copy and by email.

The Breakfast and After School Clubs are a charity run by a committee of volunteer parents.  The Committee meets roughly once each month.  Meetings are attended by the Headteacher and the Club Playleader when necessary. New members of the Committee are always welcome, as without sufficient volunteers the clubs will be unable to continue to operate. If you are interested in joining the Committee, or have any comments or queries about the clubs, please speak to the Playleader, Mrs Skeldon, at the Club (07789 046291), or leave a message for the Chair at the School office.

Officers of the Committee (2023-2024)
  • Sarah Armstrong-Stacey (chair)
  • Kieran Jennings (secretary)
  • Zanna Rojenko (Treasurer) 

Current Committee members 

  • Felicia Mandu 
  • Ben Kwaku 
  • Suzie Shu
  • Jodie Veck 
  • Nicola Wallace
  • Patricia Brennan

In attendance

  • Nuala Oster (Headteacher)
  • Gill Skeldon (Playleader)
You can contact the committee through Mrs Skeldon, or email the Secretary

If you are interested in working at the Club as a Playworker, please contact Mrs Skeldon in the first instance (see number above). Current pay rates are shown below.

Club Bookings - Kids Club HQ