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St Paul's Catholic
Primary School

PTA's spend in School

THANK YOU for your kind donations to fill the sweet and bottle stalls at Family Fun and the  Christmas Fair.

THANK YOU for your generosity at Family Fun and the Christmas Fair.

LOOK where the money raised at these events goes ...

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  • Year 6 Hoodies

    Published 09/11/20

    Year 6 Hoodies 

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  • New Laptop & iPads

    Published 22/05/20

    £4,000 contribution to new Laptops and ipads

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    Published 20/05/20

    The Newly Astro Turf Cage Area 2020

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  • Mr Brown's Trampolines

    Published 12/02/20

    Mr Brown requested trampolines for the after school gymnastics.

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  • Nativity Costume Rails for KS1

    Published 01/12/19

    The old ones were a little unstable so the PTA purchased 3 new clothes rails for KS1 to use fo the Nativity Costumes.


    Thank you for your support


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  • New Bikes & Scooters for Foundation

    Published 25/11/19

    Purchased from funds raised by the parents of our school

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  • New Benches

    Published 22/10/19

    The PTA purchased the super colourful benches for our school playground.

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  • Parking Children

    Published 22/10/19

    The PTA purchased the parking people located outside our school to help keep our children safe. 

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  • Foundation Stage - Sand

    Published 21/10/19

    The PTA recently purchased sand for Foundation Stage outdoor play area.

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