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St Paul's Catholic
Primary School

PTA's spend in School

THANK YOU for your support - LOOK where the money raised is allocated in school

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  • Sports Equipment £600 raised at Sports Day 2022

    Published 17/01/23

    The money raised at our PTA Sports Day Refreshments tent was donated to Mr Browne to spend on additional PE and Sport Equipment. 

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  • Jack & The Beanstalk Pantomime Jan 2023

    Published 13/01/23

    M&M Productions presented Jack & the Beanstalk to the whole school paid for by the PTA 

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  • Year 6 Hoodies

    Published 09/11/20

    Year 6 Hoodies 

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  • New Laptop & iPads

    Published 22/05/20

    £4,000 contribution to new Laptops and ipads

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    Published 20/05/20

    The Newly Astro Turf Cage Area 2020

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  • Mr Brown's Trampolines

    Published 12/02/20

    Mr Brown requested trampolines for the after school gymnastics.

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  • Nativity Costume Rails for KS1

    Published 01/12/19

    The old ones were a little unstable so the PTA purchased 3 new clothes rails for KS1 to use fo the Nativity Costumes.


    Thank you for your support


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  • New Bikes & Scooters for Foundation

    Published 25/11/19

    Purchased from funds raised by the parents of our school

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  • New Benches

    Published 22/10/19

    The PTA purchased the super colourful benches for our school playground.

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  • Parking Children

    Published 22/10/19

    The PTA purchased the parking people located outside our school to help keep our children safe. 

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  • Foundation Stage - Sand

    Published 21/10/19

    The PTA recently purchased sand for Foundation Stage outdoor play area.

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