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St Paul's Catholic
Primary School

St Paul's School Lottery - Thank you Raised £3124.80 so far since 2019

About Your School Lottery

  •  The UK's ONLY lottery organisation dedicated to helping schools
  •  Established in 2013 in partnership with parents and PTA members. We understand how hard raising money for school's can be!
  •  Proud to be helping raise money for 100's of schools across right across the UK!
  •  Passionate about improving schools' educational and recreational facilities

How it works

  •  you get your own lottery! - we'll run a weekly lottery on your behalf
  •  tickets cost £1 per week
  •  raise money! - 40% of all ticket sales go straight to you (more than an major lottery)
  •  guranteed weekly winner - one of your supporters will win a cash prize every week (30% of tocket sales)
  •  £25,000 weekly jackpot prize - every ticket has a further chance of winning £25,000 in a seperate draw!

Splitting the pound

  •  40p for your school
  •  30p for the local prize
  •  6p for the £25,000 prize
  •  20p for administration
  • 4p VAT

Supporters can pay in a number of ways:

  •  monthly recurring: direct debit / payment card
  •  one-off payment for 3/6/12 months of tickets (payment card only)

Winners will be notified by email each week

Winners can choose how to receive their winnings - including bank transfer or even donate to your school.

The Maths

100 tickets means

  • £30 a week local prize
  •  £40 a week for our school
  •  £2,080 a year for your school 

Thank you for your support