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St Paul's Catholic
Primary School

E Safety Letter to Parents

E Safety

Dear Parents/Carers,


In partnership with you, we are always seeking to do all we can to keep our young people safe.  With this in mind, and after receiving communication from Little Heath school, we wanted to bring to your attention a few e safety related issues that are causing us, and other schools, some concerns at the current time.

The following apps/games are causing concern:

BLUE WHALE:  This is a game played via many social media platforms

SAYAT.ME: This public website allows users and others to leave anonymous posts about other people.

PICKLE: This app encourages users to participate in, and film, a dare for which they will receive payment. Dares are posted anonymously. It suggests that it is “an easy way to make money”. There are many obvious safeguarding concerns with this app – again we wanted to make you aware of it and would ask that you do not allow your son/daughter to have this app on their devices. 

YELLOW: is an app where under 18s can post profile pictures

SNAPCHAT STREAKS: We have been made aware that some of our students are giving out their passwords to their accounts to friends in order that friends might continue their “snapchat streaks” when they themselves cannot be on snapchat.

13 REASONS WHY : This is a Netflix programme.

We would, of course, recommend that children do not download these onto phones or tablets and ask that you check your son/daughter’s devices to ensure passwords for all any social media accounts are private and reinforce to them the importance of keeping these confidential. 

Thank you for your continued support and vigilance. Should you have any questions or concerns, please, in the first instance, speak to Mrs Canning who will be pleased to help.