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St Paul's Catholic
Primary School

Class Links 

Class Name Teachers
St Peter & St Paul

Ms Hoare
Mrs Martin
Mrs McKie
Miss Andreu
Mrs Beal
Mrs Laleye
Mrs Dias

St Andrew
(Year 1)

Mrs Hughes
Mrs Canning
Mrs Carroll
Mrs Thompson

St James
(Year 1 and 2)

Mrs Chambers
Mrs Josif

St John
(Year 2)

Mr Hounsome

St Philip
(Year 3)

Ms Corsten
Miss Webb

St Matthew
(Year 4/3)

Mrs Stagg
Mrs Gingell

St Barnabas
(Year 4)

Miss Townley
Miss Smee

St Bartholomew
(Year 5)

Miss Park
Mrs Barry

St Simon
(Year 6/5)

Mrs  Snape
Mrs  Marshall

St Jude
(Year 6)

Ms  Sheppard
Mrs Kannenkeril