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St Paul's Catholic
Primary School

Class Links 

Class Name Teachers
St Peter & St Paul

Ms Hoare
Mrs Martin
Mrs McKie
Miss Andreu
Mrs Beal
Mrs Laleye
Mrs Dias

St Andrew
(Year 1)

Mrs Hughes
Mrs Canning
Mr Tappin
Mrs Carroll
Mr Alhambra

St James
(Year 1 and 2)

Mrs Chambers
Mrs Josif

St John
(Year 2)

Mr Hounsome

St Philip
(Year 3)

Ms Corsten
Miss Smee

St Matthew
(Year 4/3)

Mrs Gingell

St Barnabas
(Year 4)

Miss Townley

St Bartholomew
(Year 5)

Miss Park
Mrs Barry

St Simon
(Year 6/5)

Mrs  Snape
Mrs  Marshall
Miss Webb

St Jude
(Year 6)

Ms  Sheppard
Mrs Kannenkeril