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St Paul's Catholic
Primary School

PTA - Meet the Trustees for 2022

EYFS/Year 1 Representative  – Michaela Olejarva

My name is Michaela, mother of Annabel in Year 5 and Alexandra in Early Years. I am representative of EYFS and KS1, so if you see me on the playground, please say 'Hi' and come forward with any suggestions or concerns you have, to make our school the best it can be. St Paul's is home to not only our children, but us parents as well. That is why apart from religious education, we chose to join St Paul's because of its small size and community spirit, where everyone should feel welcomed and heard. I am honoured to be part of PTA to use my creativity to enrich kids and parents experience through activities we have in pipeline for you. 

Year 3 (LKS2) Representative – Michelle Fyfe

My name is Michelle and I currently have a child in Year 3. My daughter inspired me to join the PTA when she was running for school councillor as I could see how enthusiastic she was about raising money for the school, whilst also hearing all the children’s great ideas for fundraising events. This made me want to step up and help bring some of the children’s ideas to life to help raise vital funds for the school, but equally try and help promote the sense of community within the school after what has been a tough few years for both the children and adults. St Pauls is a great school, and I am looking forward to hopefully being part of some fresh, fun activities that will ensure it continues to offer all our children a fabulous learning

Year 4 (LKS2) Representative – Laila Daoud

My name is Laila and my son is currently in Year 4. We recently moved in the area and I joined the PTA to become a part of our school's community and help parents organise fun events and activities for our kids. I believe that primary school plays an important and unique role in a child's life, both academically and socially, and I relish the opportunity to help make decisions that will ensure our children experience a welcoming environment where they can flourish to learn and grow. 

Year 5/6 (UKS2) – Vicki Moran

My name is Vicki and I have two children at the school, Ollie in Year 5 and Lucy in Year 1.

I'm delighted to become a member of the PTA. I look forward to getting to work with other parents through meetings and events to help build a sense of community and enjoy some fun activities in 2022.

School Representative – Tracy Eveleigh  

I'm Tracy Eveleigh (or Mrs Eveleigh) and during the week I can be found in the school office. I've been part of St Paul's for almost 5 years and love our school and community. 

I've joined the PTA as the staff representative and I'm looking forward to doing wonderful things with the new PTA. 

We have all had an awful 2 years so I'm excited for better things to come


Secretary – Lorraine Firth

My name is Lorraine and I have a child in year 3 and I have actively supported the PTA since my daughter started the school. I joined the PTA because I want this school to be brilliant. I believe that the funds raised by the PTA for the school are vital in improving the experience that children have at school. I want the events that we put on to bring the school together as a community and to be fun and engaging for both parents and children. I have really enjoyed seeing the children’s happy faces at the events that we have run in the past and I look forward to being able to see those happy smiles again in the future.

Treasurer – Ryan Broomfield

My name is Ryan and my daughter is currently in Year 2. I have joined the PTA as I have always wanted to have an active role in helping to ensure that she and the other children have the best education they possibly can. There is so much that can be achieved with an engaging PTA which, will only benefit the children at the school. I am an approachable and energetic individual, and really looking forward to all the amazing fund raising, collectively as parents we can achieve.

Chair – Rachel Gonzalez

My name is Rachel and I have two children at St Paul’s currently in year 1 and year 5. I am passionate about making a difference and what better way than focusing this energy on enhancing our children’s education and experience at school. Now that we are slowly coming out of the restrictions, I look forward to working with the charity trustees and getting those events dates back in the diary. If you see me at drop off or pick up please come and say hi and share your ideas with me.