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St Paul's Catholic
Primary School

Pets As Therapy - (Karen & Vinny)

Karen and Vinny from Pets as Therapy visit our school and read books with our KS1 children. Children enjoy spending time and reading to Vinny. 

Here are lots of great tips for reading with your children and websites to visit for further information and guidance.

Ways To Help Your Child
  • TALK and LISTEN to your child
  • Sing and say nursery rhymes to your pre-school child
  • Play word games and listening games – I spy, rhyming games etc
  • PRAISE and ENCOURAGE your child – avoid negative remarks
  • Read to your child from an early age and make it a fun/cosy  experience
  • Keep reading to your child, even when they can read!
  • Hear your child read when they begin to learn at school, but make it fun, not a chore
  • Be a role model – read in front of your child
  • Join the local library
  • Point out words/letters around you
  • Try not to compare your child with siblings or peers