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St Paul's Catholic
Primary School

St Barnabas

Summer Term 

Topic - World War Two

English - Recounts, Reports, Instructions, Stories with familiar settings, Poetry.

SPAG - Subordinate Clauses, Speech Punctuation, Paragraphing

Maths - Time, Handling and Interpreting data, Fractions, Decimals, Measures and converting between them.

RE - Easter, Sacraments, Pentecost and Mission

Science - Plants, Animals (including Humans)

History - Britain during World War Two

Geography - Britain's role in World War two, Dunkirk and Normandy

PE - Cricket/Athletics

French (MFL) - Town and directions

Music - Using different sounds to compose, 12 pieces

D&T - Anderson Shelters, Gas Masks, Model Planes

Art - Posters, Adverts, Sketching and Shading, Painting

Summer 1 MTP Maths

Week Commencing Topics
4th June

Relationship between fractions and multiplication / division of quantities
Equivalent fractions (show using diagrams)
Checking answers by rounding/estimating
Number sequences involving negative numbers

11th June

Read and write in 12 and 24 hour clock (to the minute) Calculate with different measures
Calculate with mixed units of measure

18th June

3D shapes
Identify lines of symmetry and add extra squares to shapes to make them symmetrical
Co ordinates

25th June

Revise Roman numerals
Draw and interpret line graphs and information in tables
True/false statements-reasoning
Problem solving

2nd July

Optional tests (TBC)

  Further puzzle/problems/working at greater depth