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St Paul's Catholic
Primary School

St Philip

Spring Term

Topic: Our World

English: Information texts, Balanced arguments, Persuasive texts, Story writing, Performance Poetry, Instructions, Explanation texts

SPAG: Articles and determiners, pronouns, past and present tense, verb agreement, apostrophes of contraction, apostrophes of possession, adverbial phrases, prefixes and suffixes

Maths: Ordering and comparing decimals, equivalent fractions and decimals, using the inverse, number sequences, the commutative law, reading scales, comparing measures, statistics, factors and multiples, geometry including translation, co ordinates and properties of shapes

RE: Christmas, Revelation, Lent, Holy Week

Science: Electricity, Animals including humans

History: The industrialisation of Reading, London through the ages, Family History

Geography: Local area, UK counties, mountains, cities and the coastline, Atlas work and map reading including different climates and terrain, extending to Europe and the rest of the world

PE: circuits and ball skills

French: Family members, Hobbies, basic French phrases and conversation

Music: Charanga lessons, singing and drumming project (y4 only)

DT/Art: Silhouettes of London, making UK landmarks, making bird-feeders, studying artists from around the world


The following will be given each week- issue and collection days may vary according to the class the children are in.

  • 10 spellings to be learnt and put in sentences
  • Reading comprehension
  • Maths homework when consolidation of topics is needed