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St Paul's Catholic
Primary School

St Simon

Upper Key Stage Two Topics for the Autumn Term


· Place value

· Four main operations, including calculations with fractions and decimals

· Multiplying/ dividing by 10,100,1000

· Prime, square, cubed numbers, factors, multiples

· Missing number problems, sequences


· Grammar- verbs, adverbs, nouns, adjectives, prepositions, conjunctions, punctuation

· Weekly comprehension groups

· Extended writing to include- descriptive writing, fact file, persuasive letter, balanced argument, Myths, explanation text, journalistic writing, stage directions, poetry

Topic: California.

This topic will involve looking closely at the history of California from the Native Americans to the birth of Hollywood. Areas covered will include the arrival of the European settlers and their impact on the lives of the indigenous people, the gold rush, railroad and the growth of Hollywood, looking closely at the making of black and white films.

Geography will include states of America, climate, vegetation and animal life in California, earthquakes, particularly focused on the San Andreas fault line.



· Earth and Space , incuding a trip to Winchester Science Centre and Planetarium.


· Creation

· Prayers Saints and Feasts

· Advent

Homework: The following will be given each week- issue and collection days may vary according to the class the children are in.

· 10 spellings to be learnt and put in sentences

· 5 vocab words to research in preparation for the following week’s comprehension

· Reading comprehension

· Measures sheet to learn and be tested on each week- these tests will be stuck in the back of the homework books.

· Maths homework sheet